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Buy travel insurance direct and save!

Your safety and well-being are invaluable. At InsureandGo, we aim to provide travel insurance that you can rely on. We have comprehensive plans that give the coverage you need, and an extensive network of local teams throughout the globe to make sure you get that coverage as soon as you need it.

Emergency numbers

In the event of an emergency overseas, call collect

From within the US call toll free

For other enquiries, please see our contact us page.

Your own personal safety net

When it comes to medical coverage abroad, domestic healthcare only goes so far. Many plans don't provide overseas coverage, leaving travelers to cover their own medical costs. That becomes difficult when some hospitals demand upfront payment in cash. Some countries' hospitals may not even provide full services for non-residents. In an emergency, the last thing that you should have to think about is how you're going to foot the bill.

InsureandGo medical coverage has you covered across the globe, so you never have to worry about the cost of treatment. Best of all, all of our International Travel Insurance Plans are primary coverage, meaning that you get immediate support, regardless of whether you have valid and collectible insurance.

Dependable coverage when you need it

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes you'll have to cut a trip short because of sickness, injury or natural disaster. We provide coverage for such incidents and many more, including loss of employment and even airline strikes. Should you have to cancel the trip, we'll cover 100 percent of the non-refundable trip costs.

We value your valuables

Luggage gets lost or stolen all the time, but rarely does it happen within the confines of an airport terminal. We understand the world is a chaotic place, and we are ready to offer you coverage for loss, damage or theft of your personal effects, whether at your hotel or out sightseeing. All you need is documentation to prove the loss of the item.

Buying travel insurance direct from the specialists

InsureandGo is the leading travel insurance specialist, so we can offer you better coverage at lower prices. Check out our Top 5 reasons for buying direct to learn more.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We have been providing quality travel insurance for over 10 years to over 2 million travelers each year. We are confident that you will be happy with our product, so we're willing to give you a 10-day satisfaction guarantee. If you feel that our insurance doesn't meet your needs, we will provide a full refund within that time. We value your business, but more importantly, we want you to value us.

InsureandGo customers have rated our customer service on average 93 / 100 based on 479 reviews